Investors- who do you know that wants a double digit return? Or do you want to continue to get 0.5%?

Proven model now in place: Buy, build, refinance, all money out and a supply of care tenants!

By working with a partner of at least 15 years experience who has done this many times before we’ve been able to buy, build and refinance to get all of our money out!  Our partner also has a care business and tenants are in place so we even have a continuous supply of tenants.

The second property is currently going through the process which really is a cookie cutter approach! Its in the same area and now with a comparable, the end result is almost guaranteed! A third property has been procured and is in the queue….

Other opportunities we are working on is an exchange delayed completion for a site to build 14 flats.

With interest rates getting lower, who do you know that wants to get a double digit return on their investment? Want to learn as you invest? that’s an option too!’