Where are we now- 4 house build

The purchase of the house and land completed in October 2021, If you have been following our last post putting the deal together you will see that its been some months since we have been at work on this.
In summary we got the deal completed to build for town houses in Bournemouth, Pre conditions on planning were given, finance went through and were around 5 months into a 12 month build. When you are building from the ground up it does start slowly with foundations as you can imagine. This was no exception and there were some blockages on the way. We achieved a good result well before the Christmas break and a lot of prep had take place the house was down and so no turning back here. Nervous? Not us ready to get back to work for January!

Next, back in the new year (Jan 2022) We had to navigate some tree root issues with the local council which took some time but we managed to stay on track. Then the foundations came, like putting together any good maze or puzzle this was the bit that we had to get right (like lots of stages) but this will pave the way for the building out of the ground. We needed the weather on our side and timing was everything.. Seems we came out on top with good land prep and working with the structural engineers to iron out any un-forseen problems:

Its been a good start to the year and the ground floors have gone up with relative ease. We’re starting to choose the kitchens and bathrooms, ordering well in advance for the next stages. Lots of noise around materials shortages but with great planning from our project managers and construction teams, were staying well ahead of the game. World events might make it seems like challenging times in construction and it is, so its all the more important to have an experienced team around you. When we get through this bit then what else can be thrown into the mix?: